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How does the website capture leads?
How does the website capture leads?
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A website shouldn’t just be an advertisement.  It should help you to convert anonymous site visitors to leads.  Your WebsiteBox site will have calls-to-action and lead information collection forms in various strategic places around the site.

When a new lead is captured, a contact will automatically be added to your Contacts and you’ll be notified via email and the Insight section to the right of your Dashboard.

If you want to take a more aggressive approach by requiring registration, you can use the Lead Capture App, which is available on our Plus Plan for $299 a year.  With this app you can require registration with personal information in order to search or after a specified number of searches:

How do I use the Lead Capture App?

First turn on the app with the Status button, and then click on the site image to go to edit mode:

Here you can choose the rule you want to force registration:

  • Visitor must register - they must if they want to search listings.

  • Registration is optional - you can offer them incentives and ask that they register to get them.

  • Must register after ## searches - you set the number of searches they can do before they are required to register.

  • Must register after ## views - instead of counting searches, they will be required to register after a specific number of listing views.

You give them a button with either Sign Up or Log In for button text, and then you can set up the content of the page where they do that.

When finished, those are the registration requirements that will go into action to get your leads.  You can change this at any time.

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