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What is the Actionable Insights Section of the Dashboard?
What is the Actionable Insights Section of the Dashboard?
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On the right side of the Dashboard is the Actionable Insights area.  This is a powerful and very valuable feature, in that it gives you a fast look at what’s going on right now and what you need to do to control your day and maximize your use of time to get the results you want.

Clicking on the three dots at the top of this section takes you to an area to manage what you see here and set your preferences.  You control which modules you will see in this section.  It gives you a snapshot of your day and helps you to plan and make the best use of your time.  It also shows you new leads from your WebsiteBox site.

When you click on the dots, you’ll be able to select different items to show in this area, and it looks like this:

Choose what is most important to you and you can see this is the one place you can quickly access to see what is happening in your market area, your MLS, communications from your contacts, what you need to do, and even what your competitors are doing.  This is the ultimate organization tool and it’s right where you need it.

Using the REPEAT Feature to see your Insight Item again:

At the top right of every Insight item is a small clock icon.  You can click this to get the box where you can configure the settings to have your item repeat again after a specified period of time.  This is great for reminding yourself to follow up an item or action.

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