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Using the Contacts App
Using the Contacts App

The Contacts App Information & Display

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There are three displays for your contacts, accessed by the three small icons at the top left.  This first one is for this display, your contacts as cards.

This display is in list format, showing the same information, just in a somewhat abbreviated layout so you see more of them on the screen.

The map displays the contacts mapped out by the address you entered for them.  You can view in either street map or satellite mode.

On the right side of the Contact App screen is an area where you can search for or select criteria to display contacts on the left side.

You can use the alphabet buttons to pull up all contacts with last names starting with that letter.

You can call contacts up by their type, Buyers, Sellers, etc.

You can also search using the Search box to locate contacts by name or other keyword or phrase.  You can use part of a name, first, last, or on an email address.  You can search on a contact tag or a cell phone number as well.

You can also locate contacts assigned to specific people or agents.  This is for brokerage sites or teams when you want to assign contacts for handling by one person.

Contact Details Display

When you click on a contact, you are presented with the details screen for that contact.

Here you can see and edit address and other contact details.  You also use this area for your interactions with the contact.  You can send them an email message, make a private note, send them one or more listings, or set up a meeting or event with the calendar.

All of these interactions stay with the contact and will display here later for reference.

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