Integrations are how you use applications you already have to tie into your WebsiteBox site for ease of use and to avoid a whole new system to learn.  YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE OF THESE TWO CHOICES FOR INTEGRATION.

Google Integration for Gmail & Google Services

The current main integration is with Google.  This will tie in your Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and Google Calendar.

Once you authorize through Google to allow this integration and access by WebsiteBox, you’ll get this screen and you’ll be able to turn on or off the apps you do not use or want to integrate.  You can use the features you’re used to, keep track of tasks, meetings, email through your normal email app, and access files stored in the cloud on Google Drive.

These new icons will appear in your Dashboard once you integrate the apps.   This allows you to use all of these apps with your WebsiteBox site and your contacts will be pulled into the account automatically.

Once you have the integration completed, the apps you integrate will display in your Dashboard.  Clicking an icon takes you directly to your normal Google app.  However, your Google contacts will automatically import into your WebsiteBox contact app.

Email IMAP Setup

IMAP allows you to have the WebsiteBox system to receive and send email through your regular email client.  It can be most any client, and you’ll find IMAP instructions in their support materials.

When you set the button to ON for IMAP-SMTP, you are presented with information fields to give WebsiteBox access to your email ingoing and outgoing servers.

Here is a sample of setting up Outlook

Here is a sample of setting up Gmail for IMAP from the Settings Tab

It’s not difficult, as the major email clients tell you the server addresses you need.

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