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Using the Listings App
Using the Listings App
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The left side of the Listings App displays your listings as pulled automatically from the MLS, if you have tied your MLS into your site.  If not, listings that you enter manually will be displayed here either as images above, or as a list or on a map as you can see in these two screenshots below.

The right side of the Listings App screen is an area where you can see the status and number of listings.  

You can also search for listings by type, features, bedrooms, baths, and other criteria.

These pull from your MLS, and you make your changes to the listing there.  Suppose you want to change the price, you would do it in your MLS system first, and the change will then show here.  That’s for listings in the MLS, but if you have Supplemental listings you entered through WebsiteBox manually, you simply pull them up in WebsiteBox and make your changes. 

Listing Details

Clicking on one of the listings in the left display will pull out on the right a scrolling view of all of the details of the listing.

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