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How do I add an MLS IDX to my site?
How do I add an MLS IDX to my site?
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In the Listings App, click on the More button and then Add New MLS.

Enter the country, state and you’ll get MLS options to choose from.  Then click the Search button.

You’ll get a notice if your MLS is available as you see here.  

Then just click the Apply button to go to the payment screen to handle payment for the IDX from your MLS.

Here you enter your credit card information for the MLS IDX charges

ID.  If you don’t know them, call your MLS office. See below for what happens next.

One of three things will happen now:

1. Fully Automated: For some MLSs, after providing the IDs, we'll send an email to all parties (user, MLS, WebsiteBox, etc.) to request to sign the paperwork electronically. 

2. For some MLSs, users need to get the signed agreement directly from MLS. We will provide you with full instructions after providing us with the IDs.

3. No Paperwork required. For some MLSs, there is no paperwork and users will be approved right away after providing the IDs.

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