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How do I add a contact and their information?
How do I add a contact and their information?
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At the top of the Contacts App display is the Add button.  Clicking that displays the Add Contact screen.

Enter the contact’s first and last name, then select a contact type.  This is where you segment your contacts and prospects into logical groups so that you can find them later, but more importantly, market to them based on their common type, such as Buyers or Sellers.  One field, Colleague, has more options so you can really segregate your colleague contacts for more efficient communications, and it looks like this:

Then you enter address information for your contact.

Then you enter their address.  Next, click the +Add New button to enter more contact information.

This pops up the box for adding more fields of information.  You can add several phone numbers, email addresses, and other information.  Just use the + button in the box and select the info type.  If editing, the trash can icon allows you to delete a field.

Under the address info is a button to add tags to this contact:

Tags are powerful tools to add better segregation of contacts and prospects for future email campaigns or just locating the ones you want later.

When you’re finished adding info, click the Save button at the top of the box.

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