What are Apps?
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Apps are applications that add functionality to your WebsiteBox site, or they allow you to edit or manage your site.

Here’s an overview of the apps on your dashboard:

These are the contacts you enter into the system and those added by lead generation actions.  This is your basic CRM, Customer Relationship Management, app, where you keep up with the details to communicate with your contacts and prospects.  This includes their social site profiles and website links.

Your domains are accessed at this button, and you can add a new domain name here as well.

This is where you integrate your current email, contacts, online storage, online documents, and calendar with your WebsiteBox site.  Why learn a whole new set of tools when you can work in the site with the tools like Gmail and Google apps you already know and use?

Adding your MLS credentials in the site setup steps should pull your existing listing and place them here automatically.  You can also add your Supplemental Listings here for listings not in the MLS.

You can check out and purchase Apps to enhance your site or give you more features or management functions.  An example is the Lead Capture App.  Find available apps here.

Manage and edit your WebsiteBox websites here.  You can also add new sites here for niche markets or listing sites.

You would use this to set the criteria for the lead capture app to determine when site visitors will be required to register. Only available on the PLUS, PREMIUM, or OFFICE plans.

Write and post blog entries directly to your website. Only available on the PLUS, PREMIUM, or OFFICE plans.

Manage your advertising campaign.

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