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Where is the CRM section & how does it work?
Where is the CRM section & how does it work?
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Customer Relationship Management is your most powerful tool in lead generation and maintaining a contact relationship that generates business.  WebsiteBox makes it easy with a CRM module as a part of the Contacts App.  

All of the functions for CRM are handled in the Update Status portion of each contact’s management area. Any activity here is recorded and maintained/attached to the contact.  You then have a record of all of your communications with each contact where they’re easily viewed when you need them.   It also makes it easy to communicate with the contact by pulling them up and handling the actions all in one place.  Here’s how it works, top to bottom:

How do I send a message to a contact?

Just below the contact information in the Contact management/edit box is the Update Status box.  The first function there is to send an email message to the contact.  Clicking Message gives you the message writing screen.  Enter the subject and body of the message, including some formatting options.

This message will remain attached to this contact for your reference later, a powerful CRM, Customer Relationship Management tool.

How do I make and keep a note about a contact?

Under the contact information area when working with a contact, there is the Update Status area.  The second option is to record a private note about your contact.  It can be anything, from a phone conversation note, to a note about seeing something in the news about them.

When you type in your note, click Submit to save it.  This is a private note, visible only to you.

How do I send a listing to a prospect or set up an alert search for sending?

First, you pull up the contact and go to the Update Status box underneath their contact information.

This is where you can send an individual listing or a group of them that match criteria of interest to your prospect.  

Clicking on the +Select Listing takes you to this next screen to set up the search.

At this screen, set the criteria for the listing(s) you want for this prospect, price range, bedrooms, baths, and many other criteria are available to you in this screen by scrolling down.  Then click on the Search button.

This pops you back to the contact’s Update Status area with the email populated with the listings results from the search.  Then send it or choose one of the automated alert options.

How do I set up a reminder, task or meeting related to a contact?

In the Update Status section of the contact’s information is where you access the Calendar to set up an event, meeting or task related to this contact.  In the image you see that you can choose the date and time and enter a reminder or message.  

If you want to copy this to the contact, check the box at the arrow and they’ll receive an email.  Then click Submit to record the item in your calendar.

Where do I view the history of actions of and related to a contact?

At the bottom of the Update Status area of a contact record is where you see the various past activities or items related to that contact.  Clicking All will display them all going backward in time.  However, if you just want to see the notes you’ve recorded for them, click on the Notes button. This works for Email, Listings you’ve sent, and Calendar items as well.

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