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How to Hide/Unhide a page.
How to Hide/Unhide a page.
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You can hide a page from the menu if you want.  Why would you want to do that?  Usually it’s because you set up the page but need time to add text, images and customize the content of the page.  When you’re ready for visitors to see it, you simply unhide it.  Here’s how you do that.

When we click on the Navigation icon, we get one slide-out, the dark one above, and this is where we select the page we want to hide or unhide from our menu options.

When we click on a page, here it is How I Serve Buyers, another slide-out gives us the options for the page.  We can change the name of the page, the URL, and you can see that we can turn the Hide option on and off.  It’s that easy to remove a page from the navigation menu so you can work on it for later unhiding it to put it back into the menu.

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