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What is redirection and how do I redirect a page?
What is redirection and how do I redirect a page?
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Redirection is when your site visitor clicks to arrive at a certain page on your site, they are automatically redirected to another page without any indication that this has happened.  This isn’t sneaky, as there can be a number of technical and other reasons why you may want to do this.

SEO - Let’s say that your site has been up for a while and one of your pages is getting high placement in Google search results.  You want to modify the content for the page, but this could damage that SEO clout you’ve gained over time.  You can simply leave the page as a part of the site, but redirect the visitor to your new page when they arrive.  This keeps the original page in Google’s database, and your site will continue to benefit from the content Google likes.

Marketing - Suppose you’re doing some advertising in various print media, maybe print ads and direct mailers.  You can build a blank page for each with its own title, maybe “” for the print ad and “” for the direct mailers.  Redirect both of these pages to one you’ve created offering the free home valuation.  Your site statistics will show you how many people are going to each of the intro pages, so you know which marketing method is working best, even though they reach the same destination.

Send them to an External Address - You may want to send them to another of your websites, perhaps a standalone listing website.  This is where you can do that.

To do this redirect, you’ll need both pages created.  Copy the URL address of the destination page, then come to the page to be redirected in your Navigation menu and click on it.

You’ll see the area of the green box for redirection.  Turn it on.  Select Internal for another page on your site, and External if it’s a place off this site.  Then paste the URL address of where you want them to go into the box on the right and save it.

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