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How do I change my site logo & favicon image?
How do I change my site logo & favicon image?
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This is quick and easy, so jump right in and click on the Logos button.

Clicking on the Logos button, you will be given a screen for a logo upload or choice of a logo you've uploaded previously.

If you’ve already uploaded a logo image in the past, just click on the Library button to see your images.  If not, use the Upload button.  Be sure to size the image to 259 x 100 pixels.  Next you’ll upload a Favicon if you want one.

What’s a favicon?  When a browser supports it, a favicon is a small image that displays next to your domain URL in the address bar.

Upload your image in a 32 x 32 pixel size and the .ico or .png image types.

@jim: For you information, here is the new UI (please remove when you get the idea):

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