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How Containers Work for Site Building & Design
How Containers Work for Site Building & Design
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Container is the third item in your site Toolbar.  It is an extremely powerful area with what we call Containers.  A container is as the name implies, containing some items of content for your site.

There are a lot of them, and they give you the tools to add content and features to make your site a powerful tool for lead generation and marketing your services.

These are the Containers Available

You’re going to be blown away with the power here, as each of these containers offer you multiple design and feature options. You’ll soon see why the WebsiteBox platform offers the most design flexibility with the lowest learning curve for your custom site.  Choose a design and color scheme for display and drag & drop it onto your page.  Then you can customize the container.

All containers, as well as other site segments, will have these icons when you’re in site edit mode.  

1 - The one on the left is what you click and hold to drag the container to another area of the site.  

2 - The second one lets you change the background color or other background features.

3 - The third one gives you background and color choices.

4 - Often you'll see only four icons, with the dots being last.  Clicking on the dots expands the choices, with three more.

5 - The trash icon lets you delete the container from the site.

6 - This one lets you reset the container, removing changes you've made in this session.

7 - Clicking this icon lets you copy the container to place in another spot on the site.  Example:  You may want to repeat a testimonials container in other places.

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