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How do I edit or move around a container?
How do I edit or move around a container?
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All containers, as well as other site segments, will have these icons when you’re in site edit mode.  

1 - The one on the left is what you click and hold to drag the container to another area of the site.  

2 - The second one lets you change the background color or other background features.

3 - The third one gives you background and color choices.

4 - Often you'll see only four icons, with the dots being last.  Clicking on the dots expands the choices, with three more.

5 - The trash icon lets you delete the container from the site.

6 - This one lets you reset the container, removing changes you've made in this session.

7 - Clicking this icon lets you copy the container to place in another spot on the site.  Example:  You may want to repeat a testimonials container in other places.

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