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How do I use the Anime Columns Container?
How do I use the Anime Columns Container?
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This container provides columns for site content, and they have some animation when moused over, with color schemes for contrast.  They give you choices for the number of columns and color themes.

Using this container, you’re able to add a section with columns to the page you’re currently editing.  When you scroll through the choices, you’ll see that you can choose the number of columns and the color scheme.  These Anime Columns are animated, in that if you mouse over one it changes appearance.  Choose a design and color scheme for display and drag & drop it onto your page.  Then you can customize the container.

Before Mouse-Over


Here you can enter the text you want, and change the image.  Then you link the Read More button to the page where you want them to go when they click.

These Anime Columns are a great and easy way to set up a section of a page introducing new content and directing the visitor to it.  They help to liven up the page a bit with the mouse-over action.

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