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How do I use the Call to Action Container?
How do I use the Call to Action Container?
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When you want to generate a lead or call a visitor to take an action, you use the Call To Action Container.  As with all of these, it’s very easy to install one on your page, simply by clicking on the Call To Action icon and then choosing one of the style/color combinations.  Drag & drop your design choice onto your page.

You have two style choices, the single line and the phone operator, then your color scheme choices.  This container is to place a call to action at strategic places around your site.  A call to action should be relevant to the content of the page and the reasons that the visitor is there.

For example, on an IDX search page, you could drop in the container right under the search results or over them to prompt your visitor to take some action you want.  Often it will be an offer of a special report of some kind.  For search pages, offering a recent sold properties report is a proven lead generator.  This container is how you get them to say “yes” to your offer, and from here they will be taken to a form to fill out to get their report, and you get your lead.

You can see the edit box around the Have Questions? Title, which appears when you click on it to edit the text.  You do the same for the smaller text under it.  On the right are your Button Settings.  You set the text for the button.  In our example, we would change it to something like Get Your Report Now.

You can choose to direct them on a click to a URL that you type in, or more often a page where you’ve already created the content and form to get their information and deliver the report via email.  You can also choose to open your item in the same window or a new window.

Then just save this box and your Call To Action will work for you.

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