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How do I use the Clients Container?
How do I use the Clients Container?
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There is another container for Testimonials.  This one is more for commercial clients.  If you have companies for clients, particularly locally well-known businesses, this is a great place to display them.  It can also be for condo projects or large subdivisions where your services were contracted to sell units.  Choose a container design and color scheme and drag & drop it onto your page for placement and editing.  

Choose the style of display you want, and you’ll be able to edit the title text, that’s the orange box.  Just click on the text to edit it.

Then you go to the right to change the images/icons to something you want or the client’s logo.  Just click on the image to get the area where you can choose one from your library or upload a new one.

Then you can enter a URL where you want to take them when they click on one, probably their website.  You can use the small six dots to the left of the logo to drag and drop them to change their order.

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