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How do I use the Describe Container?
How do I use the Describe Container?
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This is a great container for content that describes something briefly and then the visitor can click on the button to go to more detail or the main page for the described item.  This is good for giving visitors more than a simple navigation button.  You have an image and text that allows you to give more detail about where you’re sending them.  Great for Buyer & Seller pages, or other major site divisions or pages.  Choose a design and color scheme and drag & drop it onto the page for more editing.

To edit the text, just click on it to get the box around it, and you can then enter the text you want.  Clicking on an image gives you a box where you can choose to go to the library to select and image, upload a new one, or purchase a licensed image from a screen of options as here:

Clicking on a button allows you to choose the button text and provide a URL where clicking the button will take the visitor.

Clicking on a button lets you edit the text in the button.  You can then send it to any URL you specify or you can select one of your pages.

For example, if you have a Describe Container to give a brief description of the content of one Buyer Page and one Seller Page, you just build that page then choose it here when you click Go To Page.  Then just Save it.

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