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How do I use the Flipbox Container?
How do I use the Flipbox Container?
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The Flipbox is another of the WebsiteBox features that help you to make your site interesting and visually appealing.  It isn’t just a bunch of boring tables with links.  The Flipbox does what the name implies, flipping from the displayed front to displaying the back when you mouse over it.  This motion grabs attention and makes the site more interesting for the visitor.

Select the style, and you have 2, 3, & 4 panel box styles and three color schemes.  

In this image we see the area where you edit the contents of the Flipbox Container. This box pops out when you click anywhere in the container in site edit mode.  The left image is the Front Image, the right image is the Back of the card or image.

In the edit area you can change any of the text, including the button text, as well as your front image.  In the Action box, you can select whether to send the visitor when clicking the button to a specific URL or to one of your website pages.  You can also have the new destination open in the same window or open a new one.

What might be a good use for this Container?

  • Send the visitor to pages of interest to visitor, such as Buyers, Sellers, Investors, etc.

  • Use for most popular neighborhoods or market areas.

  • If you’re working on several niche markets, such as single family, condominiums and commercial, this is one way to direct your visitors.

  • Up to four choices, the Flipbox is good for offering a quick description and button to go there.

Use the Flipbox and other Containers to mix up the displays of your pages to keep your site interesting.

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