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How do I use the Form Container?
How do I use the Form Container?
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The Form Container is one of the most important and powerful tools for your WebsiteBox site.  It is used for lead generation, and you should have Form Container all over your site.  You have no idea when a site visitor decide they want to ask a question or get more information, so place these where they can see them.  Drag & drop your design and color choice onto the page.

The form at the top is the Property Feedback form, and you can edit the title.  The other fields are pretty much what you need, so this one is fast and easy to use.  Just select it and position it on the page where you want it.

This is the Contact Us form, and you can change the text in the title.

As an example, in the large box you may want to say something different, such as What is your question?  Or, maybe Send us a message.  It’s up to you.  

Notice that all of these forms have anti-spam box as well to prevent robots from submitting forms to your site.

This is a very valuable form, the is just an example of giving away free report to capture leads as the users have to fill out the required information to get a free report. You can change the image here and the title, so it could say “Download Sold Property Report” and have a different image.

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