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How do I use the Gallery Container?
How do I use the Gallery Container?
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This is your photo gallery container to use for any set of related images.  You can use it for photos of a listing, images of a neighborhood, or any other group of photos with some common theme or relationship.  There are a number of layouts, and all of them allow you to edit the title, change and add images.  Choose one and drag & drop it onto the page.

In this example with two images side-by-side, you can see that editing the titles is easy, and the display location of the titles varies in order to keep the gallery from being boring.  When the visitor mouses over an image, the title shows up.

Clicking on one of the image titles will pop out the editing box as you see here.

This is where you edit the image title, and you can link the image to a page or another URL if you want.

A great use for this container is a gallery of your listings, and each has a title that is the address or price or short description.  Each image can then be linked to the listing page on your site.

If you want to use this style, two side-by-side, you can add images with the + button at the bottom, and they’ll be added at the bottom.  However, using the small dots on the left, you can click and drag each one to change the display position.

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