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How do I use the Offices Container?
How do I use the Offices Container?
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This is a container for brokerage sites with multiple offices.  It makes it easy to feature and help your visitors to locate a branch or office near them.  Choose one of the design and color scheme options and drag & drop it onto your page for further editing.

The details of each branch and all text is editable, with the locations edited in the Office Settings box that pops out when you click on a branch’s details.

The On the Map button can be edited as well, and you can point it to a location to take the visitor when clicked.  

It could be a map page, or you could change the button text to something like “More Info” and link them to a page with images and more details about that branch.

You can also tell it whether to open the location in the same window or a new window.  Click Save and you’re done.

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