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How do I use the Photo Album Container?
How do I use the Photo Album Container?
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The Photo Album Container is a powerful tool to make your site interesting and informative.  Instagram and Pinterest have grown to become major sites because people love images.  When it comes to a real estate website, this container is great for photo albums of:

  • Listings

  • Neighborhoods

  • Local sites

  • Shopping pages

  • Feature condo projects

  • Promote your brokerage

You’ll find many uses for this container, and it’s easy to set up for your images.

Choose the container style and color scheme you like and then click on one of the album sections to get the Photo Album Settings box on the right above.

Here you edit the text for the title and description of the album’s contents, then you upload your background image and the images you want in the album.  You finish by saving, and you have your photo album container on the site.

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