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How do I use the Pricing Container?
How do I use the Pricing Container?
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The Pricing Container is limited in its uses for a real estate website, but there may be cases when you or your brokerage offers products or services with price points.  Or, you may have add-on services for listings, such as an add-on cost for a professional photographer as an example.  Or, if you do staging or contract it out, you may have staging package prices.  Choose a design and color scheme and drag & drop it onto your page.

Once you choose which container style and color scheme you want, you can edit the container title by clicking on it.  Then click on one of the price item boxes to get the box on the right in the image above.  There you can change all of the text, add or remove items, and set the price.  In this example, it’s a line for a basic staging package of services.

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