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How do I use the Service Area Container?
How do I use the Service Area Container?
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Your market area consists of neighborhoods and specific geographical areas, often named in the MLS.  This container lets you define those areas with a brief description and link the visitor to more information, usually a page for each area, or maybe a specialized search for that neighborhood.  Choose a design and color scheme for display and drag & drop it onto your page.  Then you can customize the container.

This container allows you to enter specific text describing your overall service area, add images for each area and name it.  

Click on an area box and you’ll get the Gallery Settings box on the right.  There you add areas with the + box at the bottom, name them and link them to a URL you type in or an existing page that you select.

Click on the image box for each area and you can upload an image or select one from your image Library.  As you upload images in customizing your site, you’re building your library, so there may already be one there you can use here.

Click Save and you’re done!

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