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How do I use the Social Container?
How do I use the Social Container?
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We all know the value of the social sites for promoting our market area, business, and services.  On virtually every page of your site, you will benefit from this container, as it encourages your visitors to follow your social profiles.  Choose a design and color scheme for display and drag & drop it onto your page.  Then you can customize the container.

As with all of our containers, simply click on the text to edit it, so you can change the title of this box from Follow Us to something else, as well as the text above the icons.

When you click on the container, you see the Social Settings box where you place your social site profile links for each site.  Adding a site is easy with the + box at the bottom, where you select the site icon and place the link.  Then click on the Save button to save your work.

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