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How do I use the Table Container?
How do I use the Table Container?
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The Table Container is a powerful tool for the presentation of all types of data or statistical information.  Choose a design and color scheme for display and drag & drop it onto your page.  Then you can customize the container.

Clicking on the body of the container, you get the Table Settings box on the right.  You enter the number of rows and columns you want.  Here it is 5 rows and 4 columns.  Note that it’s the five rows between the yellow title bar and the button.  Now you simply edit the text to set up your table data.

Clicking on the button allows you to enter the text for that button, and each can be different.  You can also send the visitor to a page when they click on it to get more information.

In this example, we’re presenting sold information by quarter for the previous year.  You can then send them to a form to get detailed sales data for the entire year.  You can use the Form Container there to get their contact info and send the report via email.  You get a new lead.

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