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How do I publish my website?
How do I publish my website?
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In the site edit mode, the Publish Menu is found in the black bar across the top of your website. 

In this menu, you will be given three options for publishing your website.

  1. Use your current domain(s) - Any domain names that you have added to your account will be listed here. Click inside the white box next to each domain name you wish to use for this website. 

  2. Use a FREE WebsiteBox subdomain - This is a free domain provided by WebsiteBox. the format of these domains will be as follows: [yourtexthere]

  3. Add an existing domain to DNS - If you own a domain with a third-party provider, like GoDaddy or Google, you can add it at this stage.

After making your selection, click "NEXT" to publish the website. If you are publishing your website for the first time, please note that it can take a few hours for the website to appear online. 

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