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How do I add a listing manually to my site?
How do I add a listing manually to my site?
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Suppose you have a pocket listing, or for any reason you wish to manually add a listing to feature on your website that isn’t in the MLS, here’s how to do that.

In your Listing App display, click next to your MLS name to get the drop down and the option to add a supplemental listing.

Then click on the Add button to enter your new listing details.

This is a large box, so let’s take it in sections.  First, you enter the address information, status, then you add photos and video.  The mapping will be automatic using the address, and you can enter an open house date and time.

The next area is where you enter the property characteristics and your description text.

If you still have some features not shown in these most popular, there are other choices using the + button:

Just select the other applicable features and fill them in.  Then you’re going to move on to the next section where you can describe individual rooms.

Here you can enter the room measurements and comments about each.  Using the + button, you can add more rooms.  

Finally, you can enter area schools information.

Display the listings that you have manually entered (supplemental listings) on your website:


Go back to your dashboard and click on the Websites App and click on the image of the website you wish to edit


Navigate to the page where you wish to insert the Listings container (Office Listings in the Example below)


Click on Containers, select Listings and choose one of the available style and drag it to the page.


Click on the container and on the pop up menu select Supplemental.
You can select STATUS and set other criteria on the page before submitting.


That's it! Your Supplemental listings are now going to be displayed on your website.


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