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Migration FAQ: Going from Legacy to New Platform
Migration FAQ: Going from Legacy to New Platform
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Why am I being told to switch to a new platform?

  • WebsiteBox has upgraded! Our new platform, called Edge, is more user-friendly, with more modern and dynamic content and editing tools.

  • The Legacy platform will begin to phase-out starting September 30th, and will be completed by the end of 2019.

  • You can switch now to start creating your new site, but don’t worry - you can still access your Legacy Control Panel at any time. Simply click on the “Legacy Dashboard” icon from your new dashboard.

How do I go about migrating to Edge?

  • Once you have upgraded to the new platform, you can begin to create your new site. Use the “Websites” icon on your new dashboard and click the “Click Here To Configure This Website” image - you’ll be prompted to select your brand new pre-populated template and add your community pages.

  • The content you will want to save from your Legacy site includes files for logos, head shots, photos, and any custom written content. Remember, you can access your Legacy site at any time using the “Legacy Dashboard” icon.

  • Need assistance? Book a complimentary onboarding session with one of our support agents: We’ll walk you through the new platform, including creating and editing your new website.

  • No time to migrate? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We offer a $200 White Glove Service to assist you in moving all of your content over to a new, custom site.

What will automatically transfer to the new Edge platform?

  • Basic Account Information will be carried over to the new platform upon clicking the “Switch Now” button. This includes: 

  • Name, Brokerage Info, Contact Info

  • All contacts in your contacts app

  • If you uploaded your own custom logo - it will move your logo over to your new site when you choose a new template. 

  • If you paid for any of our premium apps in the past they will automatically be added to your new account on the Edge platform. These include: 

  • Lead Capture App 

  • Blog App 

  • IDX Feed/MLS Data Agreement 

  • If you’ve filled out a data agreement before switching platforms and were approved + paid all of the pertinent fees (if applicable) you will be automatically grandfathered into the MLS agreement for the new platform (providing your domain name and brokerage haven’t changed). This means the search function on your site will remain active and users will be able to use your site. 

  • If you switched MLS boards, if your board merged with another, or if you’ve switched brokerages you will need to fill out another data agreement and you can do so by going to your Listings app (green icon on your dashboard) and filling in all the paperwork for submission. If you have any troubles with this - feel free to email in to

  • **Please note that some MLS boards may now be charging a “pass thru fee” for use on your website. This fee is either annual, quarterly, or monthly. You can check if your board charges a fee here:

  • Are there certain things that will NOT be transferred over from Legacy to Edge? There are some features on our legacy platform that either aged out or will not be readily available on the new platform. These include: 

  • RSS / Newsfeeds

  • Custom Coding (this includes iFrame, HTML, or CSS coding scripts [ie: Facebook Pixel, Good Adsense...etc] that you may want to put into your website via custom widgets)

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Custom Hosted Email with your domain

We do encourage you to reach out to us regarding any of these that you feel are integral to the WebsiteBox platform - we’d like to hear your thoughts. You can reach us at: or by calling 1-866-857-1657

I’ve created my new website. How do I go live?

  • Once you’ve finished editing your site and you’re ready for it to go live - it’s time to publish it! On the editing platform of your website - click on the last icon on the bottom of the row near the right hand side of the screen. This is called the publish button  a menu will appear from the right hand side of the screen. Make sure the domain you want your site to be at is check marked  and then hit the big orange “PUBLISH” button in the same menu. 

  • Next step is to change the “Domain Settings”. You can do this by going to your WebsiteBox dashboard (screen when you first log in to your account) and clicking on the “Domains” app (blue). Click on your domain and a domain menu will appear from the right hand side of the screen. 

  • You’ll want to pay special attention to the “A RECORDS” and the IP address next to the “www” portion as this is the website portion and where it “points” to. Make sure the number here reads “” < this is the IP address for the Edge platform.  

  • If you’ve registered your domain with WebsiteBox - this is the last step for you! Hurray! 

  • If you’ve registered your domain with a 3rd party domain provider (GoDaddy, NameCheap...etc) please get in contact with your domain provider and ask them to point the A RECORD to the IP address 

  • From publishing to when your site goes live, there will be a 24 hour turn over period. 

Refer to Video Tutorial for more detailed information on all of the functionalities of the new Edge Platform.

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