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How Do I Add A Domain To My Account?
How Do I Add A Domain To My Account?
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To add a new domain name to your account, navigate to the DOMAINS APP on your dashboard.

In the app, click the +Add button to open up Add Domain menu. In this menu, you will have two options.

  1. Register a New Domain - Use this option if you want to purchase a new domain with WebsiteBox.

  2. Add Existing Domain - Use this option if you want to add a domain name you have already purchased from a third-party provider, like GoDaddy, Google, or

To Register a New Domain, type your chosen domain name into the field and hit Search. If the domain is available, you will see results that include different extension options and the annual prices for each. Make your selection and click Buy to enter your payment information.

To Add an Existing Domain, type your domain name in the field and click Check. As long as the domain is active and not associated with another WebsiteBox account, you can click Add To DNS to add the domain. 

For both options, be sure to omit the WWW at the beginning of your domain. 

To make sure your third-party domain works with your WebsiteBox site, reach out to your domain provider and have them change the A RECORD for your domain to point to this IP address:

Click here for instructions on how to update your GoDaddy domain settings.

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