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How do I edit text on my website?
How do I edit text on my website?
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Your website uses text boxes to hold all of the text content in the containers. You can edit the text on your website by clicking inside a text box. The text box will have an orange outline while active. You can simply use your keyboard to add or remove text content in the text box.

You can highlight text in a text box to open up the text formatting menu. In this menu, you can use various formatting options including making the text bold, underlined, changing the text color, or creating text hyperlinks.

If you are trying to paste content into a text box, we recommend using your browser's "paste as plain text" or "paste without formatting" options.

To save changes to the text box, simply click outside of the text box. You will see three orange loading dots appear on the screen indicating the auto-save feature has saved the change. 

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