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Can I add a document or PDF to my website?
Can I add a document or PDF to my website?
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You can link documents or PDFs to your website using buttons. Various containers will include a button that can be linked both to an internal page on your website or an external URL. You can link online documents, from online storage platforms such as Google Drive or DropBox, to buttons on your website. 

Step 1 - Upload your file to the online file storage platform of your choice. 

Step 2 - There will an option to SHARE your document. Use this to generate a unique link or URL for the file.

Step 3 - Add a container to your website that includes a button. 

Step 4 - Click on the button in the container to open the Button Settings menu.

Step 5 - You can edit the text on the button as needed. Make sure the ACTION is set to GO TO URL. In the URL field, paste the share link from your online storage platform. To ensure the document opens up in a new tab, select the New Window option. 

Be sure to hit SAVE after updating the button settings. 

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