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Can I use my own color palette?
Can I use my own color palette?
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When designing your website, you have the option to use one of the built-on color palettes or to create your own custom palette. 

First, open the DESIGN menu in the edit-mode of your website, then select the COLORS option. In this menu, you will see the different palettes we have available. There are even some palettes based on major brokerages.

Click on a palette to apply it to your website. 

If you would like to create a custom color palette, scroll down to the bottom of the COLORS menu. Here, you will find an empty palette called CUSTOM. There will be four slots in the palette. You can customize the colors by clicking in each one of the four available slots to pull up the COLOR PICKER.

You can choose a color from the adjustable palette or you can use a specific color code. Once all four slots have been filled, the palette will be automatically applied to your website. Keep in mind, each slot will change a specific element of your website.

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