NOTE: If you are using an outside email service such as GoDaddy email / Google Business Apps / MS Office 365, please DO NOT change the nameserver. Instead, you should only change the A Record. Please check out this tutorial for more information: How to point your domain to Websitebox by only A record


Contact your Domain Registrar (the company where you bought your domain from) and have them update the nameserver settings of your domain to the two below:



Now to associate your domain name to your account you will want to add the domain name to our servers through your control panel. To start, log into your control panel at:

  • Open the Domains App. Note: If you already see your domain in there, then just proceed directly to Step 3.
  • Click on Add Domain
  • Select the Add to DNS tab
  • Enter the domain name in the left field, and the ending (I.E. .com) in the drop down on the right. Note: Do not type WWW on your domain name.
  • Press Search and then Submit


Publish your website to make it live on the domain.

  • Put a checkmark beside your domain, and click Publish

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